DUI Reputation Management

Have you ever had a DUI? This charge is easily in the list of top things that can make it impossible to get on with your life. It can be really frustrating when this seems like it should be ancient history and it isn’t. How do you cope when you’ve paid your debt, done your time, and you still have trouble getting job interviews, getting […]

Reputation Management for Managers

You’ve been working in the trenches at your job for years. You’ve clutched your way to the top of the stack and your work ethic has even been noticed by your manager. He has recommended that you apply for a management position, but you are reluctant. You’ve been turned down so many times. The process is grueling, and it seems futile to keep getting your […]

Reputation Management For Surgeons

For a medical professional trying to make it in business, only one thing can compare to skill, and that is reputation. There are few jobs available like that of a surgeon or other medical professionals where the ability to find clients (In this case patients) is solely based off reputation. A prospective patient cannot, for instance, try out a surgeon for a back problem and […]

Politician Reputation Management

In the tumultuous political atmosphere of today, it is hard to deny there could be a job so in need of reputation management than that of a politician. While the job is that of a public servant, campaigns have been largely reduced to muck raking and name calling. If you are a politician, or considering moving into politics, it is important to begin looking at […]

Reputation Management for Dentists

Running a dental office can be so involved. The investment is in no way trivial, and when the volume of competition is considered, it is easy to wonder if the risk is worth the investment. Thousands of students complete dental school each year, though, and take that exact risk. The question is then, what makes a new office jump to the forefront, while another falls […]

Reputation Management for Psychiatrists

For the scrutiny they receive in their occupation daily, psychiatrists can’t deny the importance of OvernightReputation.com. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong when trying to provide a service, but providing a service that is as personal and intimate as psychiatry has to be, adds additional levels of vulnerability. Reputation management isn’t just about putting out  fires though. Reputation management for psychiatrists adds […]

Surgeon Reputation Management

What is a reputation? Reputation is the perception of someone about something or someone else. Many don’t understand why a service like reputation management may be so important, but it really is. It used to be said that “words, can never hurt me”, but in the Internet age, words are the new “sticks and stones”. Using a reputation management firm can provide solutions for businesses […]

Psychologist Reputation Management

Have you ever made a big purchase? Most people have. The process is fairly basic. There are models to consider and features and benefits. After consideration of these things, and taking into account the cost, the decision is usually clear. If there is a service that needs to be done, something less concrete, the process may be a little more convoluted. This may be looking […]

Attorney Reputation Management

Have you ever done anything you wish you could take back? I have several things that haunt me on a regular basis. One decision, though, seems to have haunted me far more than any other. It was a situation where I tried to help out a friend, and that is what makes it the worst. In the end I had to hurt him by letting […]

Lawyer Reputation Management

Five years ago, I was one of the most sought after attorneys in my area. I had a small practice, just one partner and me. He joined me straight out of law school. He interned with me while he studied for his bar, and worked for me as a junior associate for several years before he expressed an interest in joining my firm as a […]