Reputation Management for Dentists

Running a dental office can be so involved. The investment is in no way trivial, and when the volume of competition is considered, it is easy to wonder if the risk is worth the investment. Thousands of students complete dental school each year, though, and take that exact risk. The question is then, what makes a new office jump to the forefront, while another falls to the wayside. Why does a practice that has operated for decades suddenly fail, while next door, another thrives? There are many elements that contribute to the rise and fall of business. In businesses like dental offices, however, consideration needs to be given to reputation.

The reputation of a business is its breath. Without breath, the business will falter and die. Just as with all mammals that breathe, some handle management better than others, but none of them can fail to breathe. This is equally the case with the reputation of a dental office. Some offices will manage their reputations better than others but reputation management can provide a breath of fresh air to companies that have difficulty breathing. It is the management of this life force that provides the true winner and could be the inhaler you’ve been looking for.

Dental offices have reputations. This is a constant. There is not a way to avoid having a reputation. What is the office’s reputation? The reputation of a dental office is the perception of its patients, employees, and anyone else that might view the practice, including people who randomly drive past the building, or run across the practice’s website.

How then can a dental practice hope to operate without reputation management for dentists? Although it is rarely considered, we all have a perception of ourselves. We have this person that we know we are inside. Have you ever felt hurt that someone didn’t understand you? How did you combat that? Most will try to explain the misunderstanding.

In business, managing your reputation is much more complicated than simply telling your story. A business has to manage the perception of thousands of outside influences. A proper reputation manager will help with this, making certain that the business in all aspects is represented as it perceives itself. Left unmanaged, the business is instead subjugated to the thousands of perceptions of others. Refusing to manage a dental office’s reputation than is agreeing, not to the office’s belief in how things are, but giving control to the uneducated and disgruntled. Neglecting to use a reputation manager is allowing a business to suffocate but that doesn’t have to happen to you. With our reputation management you can take a deep breath and relax knowing that has your back.


Overnight Reputation was founded with one goal in mind: helping businesses and individuals clean up and maintain a positive online reputation.

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