Lawyer Reputation Management

Five years ago, I was one of the most sought after attorneys in my area. I had a small practice, just one partner and me. He joined me straight out of law school. He interned with me while he studied for his bar, and worked for me as a junior associate for several years before he expressed an interest in joining my firm as a financial partner. He had done great work for me, so I considered his offer carefully. He had a friend who was going to be going through a very high profile, high dollar divorce. He said that he would like to try and get this case for our firm, and we agreed that a case that size would take both of us to handle. I gave him the green light to go ahead with trying to get the case, and we began the process of partnership.

We landed the case before we could even complete the partnership, and it took off faster than either of us could have imagined. The husband and wife owned a massive business together. There were so many things that would have to be divided. The work was daunting and overwhelming. We put in more hours together than I had billed for in the previous 6 months.

Sparing all of the gory details, we didn’t end up so great. We worked as hard as we could, but when things came out about our client, he agreed to concede a large portion of his ownership to his wife. The firm did well still, but it was hard to lose a high profile case like that and not get some negative publicity.

Negative publicity was an understatement. There were so many employees at this corporation they’d owned together and every one of them had an opinion on how the case should have gone. The news simply wouldn’t let the story go.

Needless to say, we lost business. There are a few people you don’t hire without checking up on them. A lawyer is apparently one of those. I’d won hundreds of cases over the years, but this one high profile case was all that came up when you searched for my law firm.

I’d heard a lot about reputation management before, as clients usually don’t want these kinds of things showing up about them on the internet, so I decided to look into it a little more for myself. A client I did some legal work for some time ago recommended a website called that offered their services at very reasonable rates so I decided to give them a try.

With some time, was able to help my business. Somehow they manage the search results on sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I don’t know the specifics of course, but I know that once again when searching for my firm, potential clients are seeing my accomplishments, not just my one huge failure. was even able to do some work with my website, accentuating strengths and somehow pushing more visitors our way. My business is on the rebound due to and yours can be, too. Just call Brandon, the site’s owner, and he’ll give you the run-down on everything that needs to be done to protect your name and business.

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