Reputation Management for Politicians

Are you a politician, or are you considering entering the arena of politics? Politics is a battlefield where ideals are the entry fee, but swords and shields are the tools of the trade. It’s hard for most to imagine getting into such a self-sacrificing career where the goal is to do good for your community or your country, but instead you end up focusing on […]

Reputation Management for Congressmen

The world of politics is dog eat dog. Chances are you didn’t get into politics because you liked fighting on the playground so why do you now have to fight for everything you believe in and everything that you don’t believe yourself to be? It’s because your political career isn’t a product of what you believe and unfortunately, it isn’t a product of what you […]

Preemptive Reputation Management

Chances are you have had a dream for your life since you were just a young child or teenager. For some, dreams are huge, while for others they are modest, but at the root, they are dreams. To make a dream a reality though, no matter how large or small, hard work and chance come into play. Most people are capable of handling the hard […]

Reputation Management for College Professors

Finding a job as a college professor can be tough work in and of itself. Sure, it’s possible to get on as an adjunct at the local community college and pick up a few dollars here and there as a part-time professor, but to really work full-time as a tenured professor the process can be grueling. There are curriculum vitae to submit, committees to meet, […]

Reputation Management for Mugshots

There are so many sites and magazines that publish mug shots nowadays that it has practically become a form of entertainment. People search these magazines and sites each day for people they know. For them this has become the “new” reality show. There is a problem for those whose mug shot may appear on these pages, though. The problem is that while you are innocent […]

DUI Reputation Management

Have you ever had a DUI? This charge is easily in the list of top things that can make it impossible to get on with your life. It can be really frustrating when this seems like it should be ancient history and it isn’t. How do you cope when you’ve paid your debt, done your time, and you still have trouble getting job interviews, getting […]

Reputation Management for Managers

You’ve been working in the trenches at your job for years. You’ve clutched your way to the top of the stack and your work ethic has even been noticed by your manager. He has recommended that you apply for a management position, but you are reluctant. You’ve been turned down so many times. The process is grueling, and it seems futile to keep getting your […]

Reputation Management For Surgeons

For a medical professional trying to make it in business, only one thing can compare to skill, and that is reputation. There are few jobs available like that of a surgeon or other medical professionals where the ability to find clients (In this case patients) is solely based off reputation. A prospective patient cannot, for instance, try out a surgeon for a back problem and […]

Politician Reputation Management

In the tumultuous political atmosphere of today, it is hard to deny there could be a job so in need of reputation management than that of a politician. While the job is that of a public servant, campaigns have been largely reduced to muck raking and name calling. If you are a politician, or considering moving into politics, it is important to begin looking at […]

Reputation Management for Dentists

Running a dental office can be so involved. The investment is in no way trivial, and when the volume of competition is considered, it is easy to wonder if the risk is worth the investment. Thousands of students complete dental school each year, though, and take that exact risk. The question is then, what makes a new office jump to the forefront, while another falls […]