Who Needs Reputation Management?

Someone recently asked, “Who needs reputation management?” That’s a great question.  For those people who have never needed online reputation management services (ORM), there is a chance they never realized that this industry even existed!

Reputation management is simply a way of helping people who have a negative reputation online and would like to clean it up.

Here is a recent client to give you a practical example (names and info changed).

Sally is a teacher in Nebraska and over Christmas break received a DUI.  It was the first time in her life that she had ever been arrested, she is 35 and had never even been to a police station.  She pleaded guilty, paid her fines, and is currently attending sobriety classes.  She hasn’t had a single drink of alcohol since that incident.

Sally called me and told me that one of her students Googled her name and found her mugshot as well as her arrest record. She was literally crying on the phone worried that she would lose her job. I explained that I could help push all of that information down where it isn’t likely to ever be found.  In less than 7 days she searched her name and found all of the information I created.  You now have to go to the 7th page to even find a reference of her DUI, and at the time of this writing it has only been three weeks.

While most companies will accept money from anyone, at OvernightReputation we are particular about who we work with.  If you’re a career criminal or have 6 DUI’s, we’re probably not the right company for you.

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