Physician Reputation Management

A few years ago I finally met the personal goal of taking my medical practice on my own. This had been my dream since I was in medical school and I did some residence with a doctor who was in a very rural area. I was immediately enamored with his lifestyle and the lifestyle of those he served. His office was located in an area where the next closest doctor was at least a hundred miles away. I realize that this brings up images of the movie Doc Hollywood or Dr. Quinn medicine woman, but I assure you that he did not also serve as the town veterinarian. He was just in a nice, small town where the people respected his opinion and he worked hard to meet their needs. After eight years paying my dues in a huge practice, I was finally going to have my own place.

I turned in my notice to the practice I had been working with and promised them I would take care of all of my outstanding responsibilities. I found a great location for my office. It wasn’t nearly as remote as the office in which I’d done my residence, but it was far enough off the beaten path that I would have some new patients. I also felt like it was a pretty good location where some of my existing patients might follow if they desired. I signed a lease and began the process of setting up shop.

I would have never suspected that I could spend my entire life savings trying to open a practice, and then still have to go further into debt. I did just that though. Things were tight when I opened, and I tried to warn the skeleton staff I hired that things would be touch and go in the beginning.

Unfortunately, they were very touch and go. Some weeks I had to hold paychecks extra days while I waited on money to come in from insurance. I did the best I could to compensate every way I could, but eventually I did lose one of my front desk people.

Business just wasn’t picking up. It didn’t make any sense to me as a business person. I should have been attracting patients just by ease of office location. Even patients I had seen for years that had planned to move offices weren’t coming to see me. One day, I saw one of these patients in the grocery store and asked if I had done anything.

You can imagine my surprise when she started telling me about my money problems and that she was worried to move offices in case I closed.

It turns out there were quite a few postings that came up when you searched for my office on the internet. Most of them were apparently from a former disgruntled office worker that regularly proclaimed how I had ruined her life and that my office would not be open for long because I didn’t know how to run a business.

I was appalled and frightened and I had no idea how to get out of the situation until one of my doctors suggested I search for ‘physician reputation management’ since he worked with a hospital with similar problems before. I came across a site I contacted them immediately and a man named Brandon answered the phone and told me everything that his company could do for me. Let me tell you, it was a relief being able to speak with a real human being who knew what he was talking about.

Literally overnight, Brandon and his team were able to move these articles further down the page. They made certain that my office page and the actual glowing reviews I was receiving from a few patients were highlighted. He was even able to help with the construction of my practice’s internet site bringing back credibility and trust. I couldn’t have made it through this ordeal without Needless to say, the doctor who suggested I search for physician reputation management got a small raise, too.

If you’re having trouble with an unwarranted bad reputation, do yourself a favor and give Brandon a call.  He helped me and can help you, too.

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