A person can work hard their entire lives and do everything right to maintain a good reputation in the public eye but just one negative thing can overturn years of  diligence. Maybe they were at the wrong place at the wrong time, were in an abusive relationship or even had some kind of legal trouble many years ago. Any of these things can be distressing and humiliating but what if they appear online? This can not only ruin a reputation but it can also cost that person jobs, potential mates and future business dealings.

Most people know that the best way to check someone out is to type their name into a search engine. Any and all information about the person will be seen by everyone. Unfortunately, the negative information will often come out first and it doesn’t matter if it is factual or not. Luckily, can get to the root of the problem and either completely eliminate it or of take the focus off of it.

Take for example, a young girl who has just graduated from college and is looking for a job. Even though she has literally filled out hundreds of applications, she cannot find work and she hasn’t received one call back from any employers. She decides to use an online search engine and types in her own name and is stunned by what she finds. Apparently, one of her friends had posted a picture of her holding an alcoholic beverage at a well known nightclub. She now knows why she isn’t receiving any responses for jobs and is humiliated. But what can she do?

Fortunately, OvernightReputation can help with these kinds of online problems. They can work to have the picture removed but if it cannot be, there are still ways to combat the situation. They could outline all of the charity work the girl has done or all the accomplishments she made academically and place these things online. Eventually, the good will outweigh the bad and the unsavory picture will move further back on the search engine listings until it is virtually gone. They can also help individuals with bankruptcies, arrested records or mug shots or just plain unsavory internet comments. will also show individuals how to keep track of themselves online, so that they are in complete control of their online presence.


Overnight Reputation was founded with one goal in mind: helping businesses and individuals clean up and maintain a positive online reputation.

For more information about Overnight Reputation or how the company can help you with a reputation problem contact Brandon by phone at 559-871-1613, email, or through the contact form.

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