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When my parents named me, I doubt they had any idea of the trouble they would cause me for the rest of my life. I have a very common name and it was always a fun joke in school. There were three of us with the same name in my grade alone. We gave the teachers fits, and basically refused to take a nick name to make things even more difficult. Unfortunately, when we finished school the fun was over.

I met the first real sign that I was in trouble as I headed off to medical school. Although I’d never lived in Memphis, and I had one credit card to my name, I started receiving masses of collections calls and letters at my new address. Apparently, the previous tenant of my condo, another man with my same last name, was run out of town on a rail by debt collectors. As luck would have it, I moved into his place right behind him. Trying to convince collectors that I hadn’t just changed my phone number became a full time battle.

Finally I seemed to have removed myself from my alter ego’s dark past. I put the ‘other me’ from my mind and dove into school. A short twelve years later, I added the title MD to my name. Surely this would put me into a smaller field of people with my name.

When I finished my schooling I began working on my residence. The process was grueling, and I couldn’t figure out why I was having so much trouble. I had been top of my class, and my professors had great connections, but I couldn’t figure out why I was getting passed over while other doctors were going right to work.

I finally discovered I was not the only doctor with my name. Running a quick search on the Internet for doctors with my name, I found there were three. One of them was everywhere. He’d apparently been involved in a big malpractice case as a research assistant during his residency. He was not that much older, and he even looked like me a bit.

I did the only thing that I could do. I started searching the Internet for everything that I could find about clearing your name. The Internet is huge though. It wasn’t like I could just go erase everything that wasn’t true. I mean it was true, it just wasn’t about me.

After searching for keywords like ‘doctor reputation management,’ ‘search engine optimization,’ and ‘legal name change’ I finally discovered a site called If I’d have heard of them sooner, I probably could have even saved myself trouble with those debt collectors back when I was in Memphis. They didn’t change my name but actually managed to move those articles to a place where it was obvious they didn’t apply to me. I don’t claim to know how they did it, but the next residence I applied for picked me up immediately. Who knew that the best record keeping method people have was actually the Internet. That scares me. If it scares you too, then contact You’ll have nothing more to worry about.

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