Psychologist Reputation Management

Have you ever made a big purchase? Most people have. The process is fairly basic. There are models to consider and features and benefits. After consideration of these things, and taking into account the cost, the decision is usually clear. If there is a service that needs to be done, something less concrete, the process may be a little more convoluted. This may be looking […]

Attorney Reputation Management

Have you ever done anything you wish you could take back? I have several things that haunt me on a regular basis. One decision, though, seems to have haunted me far more than any other. It was a situation where I tried to help out a friend, and that is what makes it the worst. In the end I had to hurt him by letting […]

Lawyer Reputation Management

Five years ago, I was one of the most sought after attorneys in my area. I had a small practice, just one partner and me. He joined me straight out of law school. He interned with me while he studied for his bar, and worked for me as a junior associate for several years before he expressed an interest in joining my firm as a […]

Doctor Reputation Management

When my parents named me, I doubt they had any idea of the trouble they would cause me for the rest of my life. I have a very common name and it was always a fun joke in school. There were three of us with the same name in my grade alone. We gave the teachers fits, and basically refused to take a nick name […]

Physician Reputation Management

A few years ago I finally met the personal goal of taking my medical practice on my own. This had been my dream since I was in medical school and I did some residence with a doctor who was in a very rural area. I was immediately enamored with his lifestyle and the lifestyle of those he served. His office was located in an area […]

Search Engine Reputation Management

When it comes to your online reputation, the first place to look is the search engines.  What is Google saying about you? Is it positive or negative? Is there a picture from that one mistake you made a few years ago? If you see negative information, you need search engine reputation management. Overnight Reputation can help with all of your online reputation management needs.  We’ve […]